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NEW: PEPS Version 8.1


Innovations within the module

Wire EDM

  • New feature strategies
  • Database for the management of cutting plans
  • Automatic assignment of cutting plans via colors
  • Extensive filter function for the selection of cutting plans
  • Updated technology of data bases and technology dialogues
  • Updated feature recognition (WIRE-Expert)
  • NC Viewer (NC Program Visualization)
  • Database for the saving of input parameters
  • New 3D simulation

PEPS Milling

Innovations within the module


  • 64 Bit Power for the calculation of 3D toolpaths and for the 3D simulation
  • 70 % shorter calculation times in the 3D milling and in the 3D simulation
  • Calculation of 4 million NC blocks within 30 seconds
  • Semiautomatic feature recognition for 2.5 milling
  • Machining of significant bigger machining parts
  • Advanced milling strategies for the 3D machining of axes of rotation
  • Advanced milling strategies for the 3D machining of moulding channels
  • Automatic creation of STL billets for the rest material machining
    For the rest material machining an STL billet can be created automatically after every machining. The newly created STL billet will be used for further machining of the rest material.
  • Advanced tool blend
  • Copying, rotating, moving and reflecting of 3D tool paths
  • New user interface and menu guidance
  • Updated feature recognition (MILL-Expert)
  • Change of direction for the feature recognition of holes
  • Updated 3D simulation
  • Programming and 3D simulation of industrial robots (price on request)
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PEPS Turning

Innovations within the module


  • New 3D simulation for the 2 axes turning module
  • Updated machine kinematics simulation

Laser, water jet and flame cutting (PentaCut and TubeCut)

Innovations within the module

Laser, water jet and flame cutting (PentaCut and TubeCut)

  • New version for 5 and 6 axes laser and water jet cutting
  • 30 % less material required due to our new High Quality Nesting


CAD Modul

  • STEP interface included in the standard delivery
  • Updated CAD interfaces
  • Importing of several CAD data at the same time
  • Importing of CAD data via drag & drop
  • Extension of the creation of parametric geometry
  • Box function for the transformation of 3D models
  • Automatic dissolving of assemblies after the import